Your web appearance speaks!

We see through eyes but we filter from brain. As a human, no deny we will judge the things and people when we first see and meet. Imagine you are going on your first date, definitely you will try your best to make yourself look stunning just to expect leaving a good impression on your partner’s mind. Attire occupied 60% of our physical appearance.

Psychology research has shown that people tend to vibrate higher energy when they are feeling confident. When a person is comfortable to be around with their surroundings, it naturally helps to boost up their mood. Attractiveness signifies high standard when a website first impression drawn people’s in, that’s the first step to success.

There are only two different types of visitor, one is stay and another is leave. Your website appearance has the ability to either make your customer willing to stay longer or just scrolling for few seconds and leave immediately. Sad but true to say, most of the people that decide to be the second one “barely” give your page a second chance.

The importance of a website from people visual’s perceptive such as colour, words distance, sizes, structure, right way to express in proper language etc. People will prefer to see something that not only eye catching but also soothing and comfortable to stare for longer time.

Research shows that over 90% of people will stay on a certain website by observing the details of the website which is brand logo, search box, navigation, heading, main image, first page contents and the bottom information been provided.

Standardize the website font size, design and colour to avoid confusion. Using your own perspective, you wouldn’t want your customer to leave bad comment to your website. People do not want to a messy content, “old fashion” design, inconsistent word size and colour and poor search capabilities. You do not need to over promote by having tons of words in the content as people most concern is time.

To conclude, it won’t hurt to invest in Web Design Malaysia skills by leaving a good impression in people’s mind and in the same time boosting the standard of the brand.