Topics that should Not be Talked about in New Relationships

So, are you in a new relationship right now? I am pretty sure you really love the guy, or you wouldn’t risk your freedom. For sure, you want that relationship to last. They say that any relationship is actually a work in progress. You have to take good care of it, so it won’t go sour. The thing is, when you are in a new relationship, there are certain things you should not talk about. Such topics can cause misunderstandings and are better left untouched for the time being. 

So, what are these topics that are considered taboo in new relationships? Check this out:

  1. List of your past relationships. Yes, you can tell about the most recent ex you have as this might cause doubts, but not the entire list. This will sound like you are bragging and this is not a good thing. It would seem that you are telling not to let you go as you can easily replace him. 
  2. Marriage plans. This will surely scare your guy especially when you just dated. Marriage might be far from his mind still and talking about it this early on is like asking him to consider it with you. 
  3. The number of kids you like in the future. This should not come from you. This is such a drastic move and unbecoming from a lady. At the same time, if this will come from a guy, this can also scare the other party. You can ask how many kids he want but not the exact number you like. This will sound presumptuous.
  4. The idea of living together. If you don’t know the other party well, this will sound absurd. Yes, you are dating but you are still in the first step of the ladder, thus you should take things slowly. You might only scare your partner. 
  5. Most of the young generation will right away use labels for their relationship. This might be a good idea, but you have to strategically bring it up. If possible, it should be the guy who will suggest this. 
  6. If you have some weird likes and dislikes, you might want to share it with your new-found partner, but you have to take it real slow. And you should only do this the moment you think he is really into you. He might just make you a laughingstock among his friends!
  7. Your income. This topic is only good when you are already planning marriage. Well, you might talk about this in passing but not in a serious tone. It would be like you are weighing things and this might sound rude to the other party. 

Yes, you should be careful when having innocent conversations with your new partner. You never know if you will decide to split after just a number of weeks or months and you have already told a lot of things about you. That will be quite a risk knowing you don’t really know him that much yet.