Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit

Accentuate Your Look With the Right Makeup!

The right makeup can make or break any outfit. You could be wearing an extremely glamorous dress paired with sleek stilettos, but if your makeup resembles a clown, then you can be assured that only your face will be the center of attention. At the same time however, if your makeup is on point, then you can pull off even the dullest of outfits.

It’s a two-way street at the end of the day, and here we tell you how you can nail both aspects right from the comfort of your homes at G Residen, Pantai Hillpark and Seni Mont Kiara, in order to look your absolute best! 

Choose One Aspect Only

When it comes to your dress and your makeup, the idea is to let only one of them take the limelight. If your clothes are already making a statement, for example if you are wearing a bright coloured dress, or your jacket features some bold patterns and textures, then it’s probably best to downplay your makeup so that your outfit can truly shine. In such a case, opt for natural dewy skin, bold eyebrows, classic winged eyeliner, and neutral lips that will accentuate your features as well as your attire. 

Similarly, only highlight one feature on your face, even if you do decide to go bold with your makeup. This could either be a vibrant or dark lip colour such as bright red or deep purple, in which case your eyes should comprise of neutral eye shadow, or minimal eyeliner and mascara. Ease up on the eye pencils, as these tend to smudge and look messy.

Do NOT Match The Exact Colour of Your Clothes

Avoid exactly matching your makeup to the colour of your dress. This means that if you’re wearing a blue dress, then only match one aspect of your look to your clothes. This could mean wearing blue jewelry, shoes, or playing up on some blue smokey eye shadow. However, if you decide to match all aspects to your dress, you will risk committing a major fashion faux pas. 

Moreover, if you do opt for blue eye shadow, once again make sure the shade does not exactly match your outfit. The translation is too literal, and would make you look overdone as a result. Instead, go for neutrals as a working base, and build your colour around it. Try to incorporate both light and dark shades, as they will give your eyes more dimension.

Choose the Right Foundation

Taking care of your skin is essential. Make sure you drink plenty of water, cleanse your face twice a day, and get plenty of rest. This is especially vital if you live near the city around areas like G Residence Kuchai Lama, Seni Mont Kiara for sale, and Pantai Hillpark for rent that are prone to dust and unpredictable weather. You could check out the property listing at Edgeprop if you are looking for a new place to stay in.

Having said that however, no one’s skin can be flawless all the time.Therefore, foundation is an important part of a makeup routine as it provides a blank canvas for you to work on. An equally important step that people often forget though, is moisturizer and primer, and no foundation should be applied without it! 

Not only does this make the application smoother, but it also ensures that your foundation lasts longer, and protects your skin. Moreover, it is absolutely crucial that you find a foundation that matches your skin tone, as well as type. 

Watch the video below to find out how you can pick the right foundation shade:

Pick The Right Shade of Blush

When getting ready at our respective homes at G Residence KL, and Seni Mont Kiara for rent, blush is probably the last step we pay attention to in our makeup routine. However, just like with any other cosmetic product, there are several factors to consider when applying blush. The idea is to add some colour to your cheeks and look slightly flushed. Too much however, can end up making you look sunburnt which you definitely don’t want. 

For this reason, it is advisable to pick a blush shade that matches your complexion. For example, bright shades like orange and red look beautiful on dark skin, while pinks and peach are ideal for medium skin tones. You should also consider your skin type, as well as undertone when selecting your blush. There are several formulas available such as cream, powder, gel and stains suited for different skin types. 

Moreover, you should always apply blush with a light hand, building up the colour on the apple of your cheeks. Do not forget to blend, as you do not want any harsh lines on your face to take away from your beautiful outfit.

Overall, whenever you’re coordinating your makeup with your outfit, the important thing to remember is to keep it subtle yet make an impression in the best way. You want your look to be noticed, but if you overdo it, you can risk attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. This does not mean that you should not be open to experimenting with your look however, just remember to highlight only one factor, so that the others can compliment it.