Interior Design

Our Philosophy

Our Interior Design Philosophy can be summed up with two words, Simple Elegance. Here at Beauty Balance Design, we believe interiors should be functional, well organized, clean, visually stimulating, warm and inviting. We create designs that are tailored to individual needs and style.


Choose from the services listed to bring beautiful balance to your space.

Show Me
Interior Design Illustration

When talking just isn’t enough. The best way to see how your design selections will come together is to see it. Well how is the possible if the project hasn’t every started yet. Interior design illustrations are a great way to get a clear picture of how your space will look. Just don’t get too attached to the drawings, because the completed project is always so much better.

We charge per drawing, call for details and pricing.

Show Me can also incorporate presentation boards, which will help you see actual materials and drawing clearly and efficiently

Laid Out
Interior Space Planning

Starting at $100.00/per room.

Free Style Planning: Free Style Planning is when we come to your space and arrange your existing furniture and accessories right on the spot for a more effective space.

Extensive Space Planning: Extensive Space Planning is more involved and it includes a drawing or drawings of your space with layout options. A designer will come out to measure the space and any existing furniture that you would like to keep. Ideas will be presented at the next scheduled meeting, and a plan for execution will be created.

Get Organized
Interior Organization

Having a well organized space that you can function well in will enhance your quality of life.
Perfect for…
or any space that you want to be orderly and organized. We will help you create a system to place your things so that it will be easier to maintain.

Color Me Beautiful
Color Planning & Paint Selection

Do you find it hard to pick paint colors that actually look good on the walls and not just in your head. Maybe you usually play it safe and now would like to inject a little color into your surroundings. We can help you pick colors that create the feeling you are longing for. This service will assist in picking paint colors from the paint company of your choice while making other relevant color suggestions as needed.

Whether you don’t know where to start or hate the colors you have chosen. We can help you choose paint colors you will love to live with.

Sitting Pretty
Furniture Selection & Placement

Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, modern or an eclectic mix, we can help you pull it all together. We will help you shop for furniture for your space or do the shopping for you based on your needs. We can help you stick to your budget while getting the look that you want.

Starting at $200.00/per day (6 hours)
Additional time $35.00/hour
Includes an initial one hour style consultation

All Dressed Up
Custom Drapery

Custom Drapery will help dress up any space. You may not miss drapery now if you have never had any on your windows, but once you have them, you will see that without them windows were naked and bare. We will help you pick a fabric that will compliment your space, and get the feel you are looking for.

Artfully Arranged
Art & Accessory Arrangement

Art and accessory arrangment, can make the different between your space looking cluttered or inviting. With this service, we will help show off all your collections beautifully. Call to schedule an appointment.

Furniture Re-upholstery & Refinishing

You have quality furniture already, so why spend more money to buy something new, when you can bring new life to the furniture you have and love. Save money, and feel good about not adding unnecessary items to the landfill. At Beauty. Balance. Design. we can recover and repair your furniture. We do light re-upholstery and refinish work. Dining Chairs, Tables, Small Seatee, Cusions, Slip Covers, and more.

Send us pictures of your furniture for an estimate.

We do not handle larger projects such as sofas and more complex upholstery jobs, but we can refer you to someone who can.

Design Director
Interior Project Detail Oversight

No matter how good your contractor is, things come up when working on a project that they may have to improvise, or come up with solutions for. Some times these things are minor and some times they can really make or break your project. With this service we will make sure that your style and aesthetic is keep in the forefront of these decisions. Since your designer will have the best vision for the end result of your project, your designer is the best person to help clear up any project issues that arise, so you don’t have to worry about it.

After you have spent all the time and money on the planning and materials for your project, the last thing you want is it not to be as you good as you imagined.

This service really comes in handy for jobs that need to be completed fast or when there is little time to plan things out with drawings, etc. Also great for the do it yourselfer that doesn’t want it to look like a do it yourself job. We can be on site or on call to clear up any questions about details and make sure your vision is seen through to completion.

Call for details and pricing.

Design Fees:

We charge by the hour or by project, depending on the services you require. Please call 866.426.2232 to schedule a design assessment for your space or home.