How to Make Your Guy Love You to Death

Do you have someone you love yet, he seems to be oblivious of your existence? Or maybe you fall in love with your close friend, but he doesn’t seem to feel the same way? It is really depressing to experience an unrequited love. However, this should not discourage you as if you know how to play your cards, you can still turn the table in your favor. 

Yes, that is right and in fact, if you want someone to fall head over heels for you, the following tips should help you achieve such goal. Check this out:

Maintain Eye Contact

When talking to the person you like or love, make sure to look his way and lock your eyes with his. Yes, you might feel shy and will look away but try your best not to, if you want to get his attention. 

Take Care of Yourself

The best way to make someone notice you is to make sure that you have the qualities he likes. Note that before someone will know the inner you, he must get attracted with your outer personality, thus you should start there. You have to maintain a good weight and you should look healthy. 

Show Interest about Him for Real

Don’t be phony or superficial. I tell you, they will notice it right away and if you are phony, chances are the guy will also treat you the same way. You have to really show that you are genuinely interested. Listen when he speaks so that you can make comments that will matter. 

More That just a Pretty Face

While good looks will certainly attract attention, in the long run, the inner you will hold the guy and will inspire him to stay with you. That said, you have to show that you are more than just a pretty face and that you also have substance. Be confident about yourself and be proud of your qualities and achievements. 

Smile Smile Smile!

Yes, smile a lot! No one will certainly want to be with someone who looks so problematic. Your problems should just stay in your home. Deal with them when you are with your family and when you go out to meet some friends, make sure they won’t notice what you’re going through. In fact, if you are really problematic, you might as well just stay at home. Smiling a lot will show that you feel good about yourself and you are confident. 

Be Nice and Kind

Make it a habit to be nice and kind to everyone and not just to the person you like. Always remember that news travel fast! Eventually, your guy will hear about the real you. So might as well be real and authentic when it comes to your qualities. 

Be a Good Listener 

When your guy is talking about the things he is passionate about, you should be a good listener and you should make relevant comments. It is said that when a guy shares something he is really interested about, it means that he shares something special to you. Thus, you have to also be enthusiastic about it in an authentic way. 

Show Your Flaws

The thing is, even if you try to be perfect in front of your guy, he will still know in the end the real you and he might only take it against you. He might consider you as a fraud or superficial. That said, it would be best if you will just be real and show to him your incompetence. Trust me, he is not perfect as well no matter how great he is for you!

Yes, there are times when you can’t help but fall for someone you just met. While the tips above might help you get closer or attract him, at the end of the day, there is really no perfect strategies. Thus, you have to be prepared for unfavorable outcomes as well.