Artfully Arranged

Art and accessory arrangment, can make the different between your space looking cluttered or inviting. With this service, we will help show off all your collections beautifully. Call to schedule an appointment.

All Dressed Up

Custom Drapery will help dress up any space. You may not miss drapery now if you have never had any on your windows, but once you have them, you will see that without them windows were naked and bare. We will help you pick a fabric that will compliment your space, and get the feel you are looking for.

Give us a call and lets get your space All Dressed UpTM.

Color Me Beautiful

Do you find it hard to pick paint colors that actually look good on the walls and not just in your head. Maybe you usually play it safe and now would like to inject a little color into your surroundings. We can help you pick colors that create the feeling you are longing for. This service will assist in picking paint colors from the paint company of your choice while making other relevant color suggestions as needed.