Agricultural Waste As A Fertiliser For Palm Plant

Fertiliser has been one of the main components of the plant growth. There are different types of fertiliser that we can use to make the plant grow healthily. One of fertilisers is the agricultural waste. It works perfectly as fertilisers for the palm plant because it contains a lot of nutrients that will help the tree grow nicely. Even though it is called as waste, but it is a good source of food for the plants. That is why, most of the farmers used the wastage to the plant so that they can save their cost on purchasing the fertilisers that contain a lot of chemicals.

Apart from that, the farmers also use animal feces that contain nutrients too. It also contributes to the growing plants. The use of livestock feces will not burnout of the roots, and it will not dissolve too that can cause harm. Other than that, it will be environmentally friendly fertiliser too. Isn’t it a good thing? By using the environmentally friendly fertiliser, you are helping the environment and gaining profits too for those who are doing the plantation business.

Moreover, there is another fertiliser known as the industrial wastage. The differences between agricultural and industrial wastage is the type of wastage you can get from the industrial. As for the industrial, basically all the diluted water such as vinegar and sugar that process by the industrial. One of the uncommon fertilisers is the municipal waste from your place. It contains different type of wastage things that have nutrients too.

Lastly, the palm oil fertiliser malaysia can be from different types of fertiliser namely agricultural waste, animal feces and industrial waste that are full of nutrients. You have a choice to make for your plant and fertiliser accordingly without using the chemical fertiliser that could cause harmful to the environment.